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« Reply #15 on: October 14, 2015, 12:39:50 PM »

I think the economy will just bobble along the bottom, basically constantly in a 'recession' as it has been demonstrated in California that socialized medicine costs too much for capitalistic businesses to absorb into their margins. As one opposer said to the investigating California committee, "My margin is 6%, you want to tax me 15% for medical coverage for all. My customers won't accept a 15% price increase, so you are putting me, and thousands of other entrepreneurs out of business."

Here's a repost from what I posted to the pussies at TRS:

Sometimes I see the obvious and others seem oblivious. For the last 50 years the reds and the blues have been going tooth and nail over abortion, equality, redefining marriage, health care for all, and other crisis at the moment causes. The reds have maintained the income for the war machine and the blues have infiltrated and taken over the educational establishment. Yada yada yada.

While we were all duking it out about the direction of society, the whites (sorry, the only color left from the flag) were staging a coup.

Margaret Thatcher is attributed with stating:

....They [socialists] always run out of other people's money....

The whites staged a takeover that solved the difficulty iterated by Prime Minister Thatcher. They quietly took over the Federal Reserve Board; the source of our money. Now the whites will never run out of other peoples money, they just dilute it by QEing their own. And don't go thinking the banksters and the financiers don't know about it. Hell, they purposely create bubbles and collapses. The whites will throw a trillion 'new' dollars at the problem to make it go away, rather than having their monetary occupation trumpeted by Wall Street. To recap, our monetary resources have been occupied by the whites and they occasionally have to pickup and dust off Wall Street with money, after Wall Street has fallen down on purpose. Pssst, Rand Paul wants to audit the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellin will never allow it to happen.

As an aside, I think this is a scandalous and devious thing to do to every foreigner holding American green-backs as holders of value as 'the world currency'.

Meanwhile on with the mission of the whites. By means I truly do not know the whites co-opted the machine of the blues in order to put an unknown politico in charge sympathetic to their cause. Forget the non-American, non-Christian, non-yada yada yada.

The upcoming election is make or break for the whites because eight years was not enough time for placement of all of their agenda. I don't care if it is Trump versus Clinton or Carson versus Sanders; we are on the cusp of deciding where our ship of state is headed for the next generation. Will we chose Capitalism (reds) or Socialism (whites)?

Yes, the blues have quite a decision to make... in a burning house.

Note that I didn't mention that slimeball scraping from the walls of Hell, Soros.

Poland has had no terrorist attacks.....
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